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Starting From Zero

  • Feasibility Assistance
  • Target &Mission Assistance
  • Assists in Concept & Site Analysis
  • Support Services

Feasibility Assistance

Assists with Concept development, Market research and Feasibility to assess the Economic viability of a the project or optimization of an existing property.

Analysis are based on Economic trends, Property market’s historical trends and Expected future developments, project or property location and profile. The operating results with selected competitors and assessment project in relation to the number of rooms, category, size of restaurant and meeting facilities or any other facilities available / are to be planned for future.

Target & Mission Assistance

It will be important for the overall planning of the project to establish a clear Mission Statement together with the Owners and/or Board of Directors. Spectra would assist with the development of a Mission Statement that will set clear and concise guidelines on the classification and operating philosophy of the planned facility. The Mission Statement sets the stage for all parties working together on the project – from consultants, ultimately, to rank-and-file staff.

Assists in Concept & Site Analysis

Development and designing of the project as per the requirement iof concept in accordance with feasibility Study and conceptual input. Provide assistance on the ambiance and atmosphere of the project.

To visit &assess the potential of the project, a review of the proposed site/s to determine if the critical success factors are incorporated - including a detailed S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).

Support Services:

Nouvelle’ provides a wide range of value-add services, all of which contribute to improving the performance of every aspect of business.
Nouvelle’ proudly offers its clients with a dedicated support that facilitates efficiency in development and operations.
We work as a partner to capitalize upon a comprehensive network of information and expertise designed to maximize the long-term success of your property.