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Pre Opening Assistance

  •  Operational Procedures (Operations Manuals, Standard Operations Procedures, Task Breakdowns etc.)
  •  Manning Guide and Personnel Services
  •  Purchasing Assistance
  •  Financial Business Modeling
  •  Pre-opening Budget Preparation
  •  SWAT & Forecast
  •  Project Budget Controls
  •  Book Keeping & Accounting Assistance
  •  Pre-opening Staff Training Pograme
  •  Maintenance Services Planning I
  •  IT Systems, Recommendations and Integration

Establish Operational Procedures:

As per the requirement of project: Operational procedures are tailored for the entire operations of all the departments and as per Management Policies.

Staff Planning and Recruitment:

This refers to preparing a detailed Manning Guide by position, together with an overall Organisation Chart, Recruitment Schedule.
This approach implements modern administrative personnel practices to limit staff turnover, ensure efficiency and develop a well-trained staff.
Arrange a series of personnel training conferences, work-shops and seminars in such fields as Front Office Operations, Telephone Techniques, Complaints Handling and Social Skills, Preventive Maintenance, Computer Skills, Selling Skills, Upselling and Crosselling, Sales & Marketing. Provide training opportunities in other Hotels and Resorts.
All costs for participating personnel such as salaries, transportation, board and accommodation in connection with any such programme will be for the account of the Client

Purchasing Assistance:

Planning (Layouts where required), Listing and procurment of all kitchen equipments, utencils, crockery - cuttlery, room and FB linen etc. Direct contacts with manufacturer and influence in the industry ensures savings and value-for-money, projectrates. Consolidated shopping &freight /shipping will bring further savings in capital expenditure.

Financial Budget and Business Projections:

Coordinating with finance department & chartered accountants for the best preparation. Detailed assumptions and formulae are designed for the best performance of the project.

Preparation of Pre-opening Budget:

Pre-opening expenses are prepared for the Promotors / Owners for information and approval.

Prepare 5 Year Forecast:

Operating forecast with assumptions based on historical trends and an account of the impact of possible influencing factors will be prepared and submitted.

Project Budget Control:

The Consultants will execute, through the project accountant, a controlling function on the overall Project Budget and advise the Owners of critical areas and steps to be taken such as value engineering, strategic cost cutting exercises, substitutions and acceptable deletions.

Book Keeping &Accounting Systems (Guidance) & IT Systems Recommendations and Integration:

To optimize efficiency, controls & transparency, integrated Hotel & Restaurant software is required. System allows easy comparison of the performance of the Hotel with similar establishments of comparable class within the industry.

Pre-opening Training Plan:

Pre-opening familiarisation and training Plan for all employees including guestrelations.

Maintenance Services Planning:

A Preventive Maintenance Programme will be established for all specialist equipment with supervision of the programme to ensure performance is maximised and expenses minimised.

Analysis& Material Management:

This involves making critical analysis of the profit and loss statement for the Hotel once in operation. Recommendations are made to streamline operations, maximise revenues with minimum costs.